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Vision. Plan. Success

With a clear corporate vision and a strategically developed plan, we accompany you on the path to success. By pursuing your goals with focus and overcoming obstacles together, we lay the foundation for fulfilling and profitable business development.

We bring you to the destination

Our company is all about guiding and supporting you on the road to success. We understand that the road ahead can be fraught with challenges and obstacles. But with our expert guidance and commitment, together we lay the foundation for your success.

Plan the future

We know that planning and flexibility go hand in hand. That's why we continuously adapt your strategies to new challenges and opportunities to ensure that your company remains successful in an ever-changing business world.
Vision. Plan. Success.

We bring you to the destination

Our goal is to provide you with the tools, strategies and resources you need to realize your vision and lead your business on a fulfilling and profitable journey.

Set goals. Achieve. Repeat.

In our company, we believe in the power of goal setting and continuous progress. By defining clear goals, we give ourselves a clear direction and benchmark for our success. Setting goals is the first step in turning our vision into reality.
Once we set our goals, we focus on achieving them. We take the time to plan strategic steps and focus on the necessary tasks and activities to realize our goals. In doing so, we are flexible and adapt to changes that may occur along the way.
t2b’s Quality Management System passed the ISO9001 audit!

when working on customer sites, we most often have to adhere to our valued customers› Quality Management Systems. Documents we produce for them are stored on customers› infrastructure and the corresponding processes are documented there.

12.Nov'19: we are ISO9001 certified!

For t2b projects, internal process, as well for our consulting and architecture work we also follow our t2b QMS processes, which «live» on our Office365 Sharepoint environment (called bluediks) for the bigger part.

We are proud that we passed our initial audit without any findings!

You find our certificate here

Many thanks to the team!

Patrick Toenz