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Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is about organizing the processes around planning and change management in the enterprise - specifically also on IT solutions and infrastructure side.

t2b has a long track record in EAM with many companies in different industries. By applying our experience, state-of-the-art methodologies and tools to our customers' specific situations, we ensure a pragmatic but most efficient EAM approach. Achieve quick wins without loosing the direction of your strategic goals!

ea_demand_supply_cycle_gross Whereas Enterprise Architecture is defining the overall framework, basic principles and high-level processes, this has to be put into the context of the overall managment processes.

How is the Enterprise Architect cooperating with Portfolio Managers, Demand Managers, Service Managers, Business and Technical Architects?

How will these functions support the business leaders in evolving the enterprise to a sucessful and agile organization and improve the interoperability with its partners?

Full lifecycle support
We offer seamless consulting services covering all business, methodology and technology related aspects of your enterprise architecture.

Bring your EAM solution to fly

We provide support for planning, implementing, rollout and evolving your EAM  solution.

Methodology and Toolbox
We provide a set of adaptable planning and estimation tools, models, templates, checklists and best practices, which guides you towards a best practice EAM in the most efficient manner.

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