Leverage your business information!

Information is the company's most long living and valuable IT asset! It needs to be made available at the right time to the right persons - be it on the operational or strategical level! Be it to persons within the company or from external partners.

But: this data also needs to be protected and data protections regulations be respected!

Specifically when using cloud or hybrid systems for data processing and storage, you will need the eperi encryption gateway!

This will allow your company to easily implement data encryption for compliance with GPDR, and all other data privacy regulations globally, be it from the US, India, China, Singapore etc.
eperi is one solution that covers it all !  A dream for architects, CISO, data privacy & compliance officers !

Here we have a deviation from our usual policiy to be vendor independent consultants. 
As t2b's customer need a solution to protect their data in the cloud (Office 365 / Google / AWS) and there is only one really efficient solution avaialble, we recommend the eperi product.

Our services around the encryption gateway cover the full cylce - evaluation/positioning, proof-of-concept, project implementation, automated testing, and last but not least operations support.

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