Transparency leads to efficiency!

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is about organizing the processes around planning and change management in the enterprise - specifically also on IT solutions and infrastructure side.

t2b has a long track record in EAM with many companies in different industries. By applying our experience, state-of-the-art methodologies and tools to our customers' specific situations, we ensure a pragmatic but most efficient EAM approach. Achieve quick wins without loosing the direction of your strategic goals!

Good decisions need good data quality!

Inconsistent data and inaccurate reports across departments is common. Confidence in data lost when organizations do not establish company-wide business definitions and rules.

Master Data Management (MDM) is the glue for business integration and provides a robust foundation for managed Data Quality. Data and its quality is a key asset and managing it is one of the most important capabilities of Enterprise IT.

Fast Solutions in Cloud and Mobile environments? Let's go!

Today’s challenge is to improve business user productivity by making use of existing information and software assets.

Users need to gain control over their processes within the enterprise, but also across the whole value chain.
Composite applications using Cloud and Mobile infrastructure do support this by combining your and your partners existing systems. t2b are the middleware experts and we compose your solutions from the assets you already have - high ROI guaranteed.

Leverage your business information!

Information is the company's most long living and valuable IT asset! It needs to be made available at the right time to the right persons - be it on the operational or strategical level! Be it to persons within the company or from external partners.

With a proper integration architecture this can be achieved reliably.

Integration is t2b’s core business since 2001. Customers can tap into this experience by using t2b's management consulting, our professional services - or by getting an Integration Competence Center (ICC) as a Managed Service.

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