Successfull customer projects in various industries; t2b and its consultants have gained vast experience and can look back on a large number of references:

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>> Health Care and Chemical Industry <<

TIBCO Managed Services
Run the whole service of a global, international ICC (architecture, development, operations) as a managed t2b service.

Clinical B2B Hub
Perform the PoC, production implementation and FDA compliant qualification for a clinical B2B hub of a global, international health care company.

B2B integration

Integration to, the leading chemical marketplace. Define and setup the eBiz infrastructure based on SeeBeyond eXchange and implement business partner integrations.

Integration Competence Center (ICC)
Guide a global, international customer through the integration standardization project and help to establish an ICC. Provide governance services / integration project delivery as ICC preferred vendor.

Global Integration Environment
Guide customer through the process of setting up a global integration service based on SeeBeyond eBusiness Suite. Service & process definitions, technical setup, development guidelines etc. Project lead for the first implementation projects.

>> Financial Industry <<

Proof of Concept
Proof of Concept for the SeeBeyond e*Gate evaluation project.
Analysis, Concept and Implementation of the ‘PoC’ project (SeeBeyond e*Gate)

Coaching Development Cooperation
Coached a developing cooperation between the client and SAP for a
new SAP Banking application during analysis and concept phase
(SAP Banking)

Pilot Project
Pilot project in a Bank of a canton in Switzerland. Solution centralizes all in-house to SWIFT and visa versa transactions and manage
the routing to the correct systems (Seebeyond eBusiness Integration Suite / e*Gate).

>> Telecom industry <<

Integration Architecture
Guide national telecomunnication company for the integration architecture and solution designs.

>> Other Industries <<

Power and Transport
Set up the architecture and operations standards for the global ICC of a power and transport company. Project management and development of various strategic integration projects.

Construction company / Product Data Management
Design department integration by installing PDM/ERP link. Project managers decision support data - define dataflow and implement
SW solution.