16./17.Nov.2005: EAI Forum Schweiz

we had a few very interesting discussion at our booth! Pleae contact us for our unique integration methodology. M.Grossert


Dec 2004: SAP xi for real

t2b is setting up a roadmap for introducing SAP Exchange Infrastructure (xi3.0) into one of its customer EAI-CompetenceCenters This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


14.June 2005: Gartner Integration Summit

the summit again was a great success. Please check t2b's summit report or contact M.Grossert for more info.


Nov 2004: Security Service Management

t2b established a global Identity and AccessMgmt service for a multi-national customer M.Grossert


Oktober 2004: Siebel-SAP POC

t2b built master data and order mgmt integration in a proof of concept with one of its major customers.


22.August 2004: SAP xi 3.0 running

t2b's infrastructure upgrade to the new xi Version was successfully implemented


25.Juli 2004: Insurance IT Strategy

the IT strategy within one of Switzerland's leading insurance companies was successfully developed - t2b provided consulting for middleware & integration strategies.

For more information contact P.Toenz


26.- 29. Oktober 2004: EAI Forum Schweiz 2004

click on the title for our report. t2b führte den Workshop zum Thema Business Process Management durchThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


10. September 2004: t2b feiert ihren 4. Geburtstag

Party mit Kunst von Hiroyuki Masuyama


7.- 8. June 2004: Amsterdam
Gartner Application Integration & Web Services Summit 2004

t2b's summit review report (pdf)


April 2004: SeeBeyond Backbone

t2b concluded a successful integration backbone design & implementation project with hundreds of interfaces (>15 man years)

For more information contact P.Toenz


22.March 2004: Repository 0.6 available

a new version of the integration meta data repository is available. EIBB/t2b EIBB Repository Flyer.pdf For more information contact Kamlesh N.


February 2004: SAP xi

all t2b consultants are trained in SAP xi (exchange infrastructure)! We have our own sandbox environment. Flyers/t2b SAP Xi Flyer.pdf


Januar 2004: PayNet

t2b coordinates one of the first PayNet connections for one of its main customers. Finally paperless invoices are reality and Switzerland is leading! For more information contact P.Toenz


1.Januar 2004: t2b & offshore projects

t2b baut die Zusammenarbeit mit Indischen Software-Partnern aus und gründet eine Abteilung "Offshore Projekte" s.SW-Development