Jan 2006: SOA & EDA architecture

t2b is supporting big Travel & Tour operator in defining a modern application architecture  P.Toenz


Jan 2005: t2b & e2e partner announcement

finally there is a solution for implementing a real model driven architecture : the e2e Bridge. see t2b Partners pageand the press release  for more details.


Nov 2005: SOA & EDA architecture

t2b is defining a modern application architecture with one of the biggest Swiss based multi-nationals P.Toenz

30.9.2005: 5 years t2b - Party!

friends and colleagues celebrated with us that excellent Y2000 vintage. Details please see here: Party


6.July 2005: middleware seminar

t2b held a positioning seminar for solution architects & project leaders at Novartis HQ.  The seminar was taped & will be destributed worldwide. If your company is interested in similar seminars, pls contact P.Toenz

June 2005: Another TIBCO EAI CC is our customer

another multi-national's EAI CC chose t2b as the Tibco & integration architecture service povider. T2b is expanding Swiss Tibco service capacity  P.Toenz


April 2005: Standardized IT & platform architecture

t2b is helping to define a standardized application & intgration platform for a big IBM customer P.Toenz