2.April 14:00 - join us at the ITSec Meeting in Zürich

ITSec Zurich Spring Meeting by ISC2

Thursday 2st April – 14:00 – 19:00 @ Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel

Agenda & registration here: https://www.isc2chapter-switzerland.ch/events/#!event/2020/4/2/itsec-zurich-spring-meeting-2020

S1: AI and Advanced Encryption - Forging A Better Tomorrow

S2: Cyber resilience: what can we learn from the regulators ?

S4: CISO’s dream: how to encrypt any data easily, selectively & consistently (Patrick Toenz/t2b)

Summary: Every company is using or wants to use Office365, G Suite, AWS,
Azure etc. But moving data to the cloud has a risk and Patrick will show how
you can easily mitigate that with an encryption gateway. An encryption gateway
allows even Swiss government units to put personal data on the public cloud
– as the data is encrypted at rest and in transit. With the keys and algorithms
of your choice. Of course, the proposed approach also works for Intranet
applications. A dream ?