currently a team of t2b integration architects and SAP AIF experts from our partner company are impleementing SAP AIF (application integration framework) at a big logistics company.

If you are a SAP customer and have some interfaces from/to SAP, you will want this

Finally your process team will be able to manage and monitor their interfaces - without the need to pass through technical IT support people. We know that many issues with interfaces can only be solved on business side - such as deciding on/adding allowed data values, verifying potential duplicate orders etc.

SAP AIF gives you back the control over your integration accross systems and with partners.

On the technical side, SAP AIF recommds to move "business logic" in your integration flows from the middleware (e.g. SAP PI/PO or TIBCO) back into the Application. The advantage is that here, users can interact with the data to be exchanged, fix issues and resend the data to partners if needed. All without technical support staff and with easy to understand screens and processes!