Good decisions need good data quality!

Inconsistent data and inaccurate reports across departments is common. Confidence in data lost when organizations do not establish company-wide business definitions and rules.

Meta Data Management, Data Catalogues, Semantic Modelling are the domains that are currently keeping  most of our architects busy.

  • On the technical side companies need to track their data back to the originating raw data (data lineage & meta data management)
  • On the business side they also need to better understand and make use / value of their data assets (data catalogues & semantics)

Master Data Management (MDM) is the glue for business integration and provides a robust foundation for managed Data Quality. Data and its quality is a key asset and managing it is one of the most important capabilities of Enterprise IT.


Improved data quality has many areas of gain and benefit

  • Controlling and governance
  • Compliance with SOX, Basel2, ...
  • Reduced operational risk through corporate standards
  • Management decisions, planning, decision making
  • IT applications, services, and user acceptance
  • Costs of interfaces, data error corrections and migrations


We focus on enabling governance on meta & master data as well as defining organisational and process adaptations to improve data quality .

We also support the implementation of the data cleansing and MDM tools that might be required to support the process.

We will help you to increase your enterprise’s MDM maturity to the desired level. And we will be there when you want to start another project to take the next maturity level.

t2b consultants have many years of experience in the organizational and technical areas of MDM. Out of this experience we have developed a "best practice" approach.