We are strong in many disciplines. For nearly everything else we have expert partners.

t2b is strong in the consulting, architecting, design and planning area - as well as in project management and implementation. We have the capacity to do the full project cycle - from inception to rollout and operations.
For projects requiring many resources we partner with implementation partners to augment our capacity.

For projects requiring skills in specific business disciplines and also for supporting group dynamics in larger change projects, we have several partner companies with leading edge know-how and methods in their specific domain.


Implementation Partners

The Experts in WSO2. We worked togehter on Switzerland's and maybe Europe's biggest WSO2 rollout.

 Flag of Portugal

We are working with 6 partner companies in Lisbon - very well known, specialized companies.
DWH/BI, Integration, Testing, ORACLE or Microsoft technologies? In all areas we can extend our team's reach.

We are cooperating for projects and services onsite, nearshore and combined - with over 1000 IT experts we have a big capacity close by!


valcoba logo

Valcoba is our partner specialized in Project and Quality Management. We are working closely together on projects specifically in the life science industry. 

Other Partners
besides our partners and informal contacts to many IT professionals in Europe we use resources from other partner companies and freelance IT experts with specific skills on individual projects. We make sure that they are imbedded in t2b teams, so that we can guarantee for good results.

Technology Partners

Want to put data safely on the cloud? There is really only one efficient way to do that: the eperi encryption gateway! This was developed togehter with the BSI of Germany...

We have a demo environment with encrypted Office365, databases etc. Ask for a demo slot to see the solution & its monitoring environment! 

WSO2 logo

THE Open Source integration platform. You need a easy to manage ESB on which you can easily add IAM, API, BPM, IoT/mobile device etc. mangement modules. This is the platform we really recommend after 20 years of research - ask us why!


Snaplogic Logo

iPaas - simpel and fast. You can create all types of data flows in a "snap". :-)

The GUI proposes the right "snaps" for the next steps in your flow - thanks to IRIS . Wether you need to sync big files to your DWH or create event flows - with or without orchestration - or just do simple API Management - snapLogic handles.

If you do not need best of breed in every single dimension: this is best of breed integrated integration platform as a service!



Axway is one of the last independent companies purely specialized on integration. 

Axway API Management Solutions simplify all aspects of safeguarding, promoting, coordinating and managing your APIs (including cloud, mobile and REST-style APIs) at all levels: interface, access and data. 

Axway Decision Insights on the other hand is very lean & mean way to make your (cross platform) business processes visible! Users need to see if they keep the promised response times to customers? If customers / products are ordered "as usual"? If they need to intefere on a specific order to avoid it becoming a problem?
There, Operational Intelligence with ADI can help!  


tibcologo_partnerDuring product evaluations with some of our big multi-national customers, we came accross the Tibco product line and implemented it several times since 2001. Since 2004 we are officially Tibco's Swiss integration partner and support Tibco's biggest Swiss based customers. 
All our framework components are available in Tibco.
Besides the classic integration components we also support since 2014 the TIBCO Data Virtualization platform.

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) Tools

BoC's ADOit supports a lot of different use cases and disciplines within IT Management - and is still a lot easier to use than most other Enterprise Architecture Management Suites.

We are using the product with customers who desire fast and pragmatic results - and want to keep their data up to date in the long term. The meta model of the tool is strongly aligned to TOGAF, but can be adjusted as required.

orbus' iServer consists of a flexible repository, reporting services and a very nice Visio-Frontend. We have configured & managed this solution at one of the biggest Swiss Companies - see this case study.

Mega's toolsuite is used by several of our customers to document their business goals & processes, system landscape, application and integration landscape etc. We have migrated our EIBB repository to Mega. 
If your experts need to manage your Meta data in a structured way, Mega has the tool and a method for you.