Industries are changing and a lot of  M&A activities are the result of this!

CEOs are used to muster experts for these kind of activities to do provide support in financial due diligence, market/product analysis, management and staff assessments etc.
But one BIG problem with each acquisition is IT! In fact many mergers did not reach their goals because of problems to harmonize data and information systems.

The t2b IT due diligence helps to assess the risks! We establish a structured plan to fast integration for the organization and people, but also for the technical assets.

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EAM - here we define as-is and to-be states of organization, processes, IT landscapes etc. If your company is planning for acquisitions, you need to document this information already up-front!

Integration - integration architecture is a strategic technical asset for mergers! Be it for temporary data exchanges until system consolidation can happen, be it for fast durable interconnectivity. With a clearly defined integration architecture you are technically prepared for change!

MDM – defining a common language on products and materials and aligning customer and vendor data bases are the most urgent activities in a merger. MDM Methodology shows the fast track to common data!


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