Information needs to be delivered at the right time to the right person.

Do you have the impression, your organization could improve the information management and delivery?

Then do not hesitate to act! Projects in this area have a very high ROI!

Our experienced analysts and architects will help you to identify the most promising areas and then to develop the right approach to implement improvements!
A pragmatic approach to information management and a good integration architecture are usually all that is needed.

In most cases the required information is somewhere in the processes or systems and only need to be channelled to the points where it can make a difference!

MDM - Quality insurance for the most important data: master and reference data.

EAM - Who is the owner, what is the leading system and what are the data flows? This kind of critical information is best managed, visualized and shared in the specialized EAM tools.

Integration - stable integration and data flows between systems are prerequisite for "infomation at your fingertips"

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