Enable Change

The required speed for change is increasing all the time. You are planning to move your company into "embracing change"?

Of course this is a long term organizational project. t2b can support you on the IT side of this - and with Frischer Wind we have a partner that also can support your organisation in handling the psychology and group dynamics of such a change project.

It's a paradox: but enabling change means on the IT side having a good, stable architecture with standardized concepts and platforms.

Let t2b show you evidence how this enable projects to run faster and with considerably less risk! 

See also:

EAM - knowing your current landscape is a prerequisite for reshaping it! With EAM Methodology and tools you have the proper approach for sharing information about processes, organizations, and supporting IT systems!

MDM - Data is the only stable item in any enterprise! So you need to treat it with special care - and MDM is the first step to do.

Integration - SOA was a hype, but a proper SOA and integration architecture is the technical foundation of an agile enterprise!