Oct'16: t2b family weekend blessened with big sunshine!

t2b Familiy Weekend at Saline-les-bains, Salines Royales and Besancon citadelle

it was raining the days before and after - but for our weekend we had 20° and sunshine!


20161016 SalinesMorning


-          12:00 – lunch at Restaurant Le Petit Blanc at 1 Place des Alliés, Salins-les-bains

-          14:00 – guided tour of the salt mine ,  visit of the Salt museum

-          18:00 – 10min drive to Saline Royal World Heritage – our hotel

-          19:30 - Dinner at the Saline/hotel


-          10:00 guided tour at the Saline Royal

-          11:30 40min drive to Citadelle de Besancan

... we did not even have the time to visit the b– bad weather option @ Besancon: time museum.

20161015 SalinesNight 20161016 Museum
   20161016 Besancon  20161016 Besancon2





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