eperi & t2b are haveing a conference booth at the IDC Security Conference in Zurich.

If you want to put data into the cloud: the eperi gateway is the way to make that secure!

Come and talk to us!

We are happy to announce the partnership with German eperi!

we configured and tested eperi's unique encryption gateway and believe that most - if not all - of our customers will need it.

see also the official press release

Features of the eperi Data Encryption Gateway

  • Comprehensive Security
  • Quick Installation - no changes needed at target systems
  • Flexible data protection with central management
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

yet another Federal Department entered into a frame agreement with t2b for architecture consulting services.

Looking forward to working with the ISCeco!

t2b received the frame agreements for supporting projects with architecture consulting from 2 different federal departments DETEC (german: UVEK) and FOITT (german: BIT) .

We are happy to be their trusted partners and are looking forward to interesting projects!

one of our colleague was in charge for the architecture of a major project in a bank in Brussels for the last 3 years. Welcome back !

Yenlo is triggering stage 2 of its expansion strategy and buys 100% the shares of our joint venture in Switzerland. A new manager for Yenlo DACH will be appointed soon.

Cooperation between Yenlo and t2b will continue, but Patrick Toenz no longer is managing Yenlo Switzerland. 

another industry customer decided to move to the flexible EA repository from our partner Orbus. iServer convices with a VISIO Frontend well integrated into it's repository.

one of t2b classic services: IT Planning in merger & aquisition situations. In this case the customer had to find out where the overlaps are between the 2 companies are:

  • in the business processes
  • in application functionality
  • and in the data 

Based on this analysis a roadmap was defined and the application & data migration planed and started.

The had work is still to come of course ....

t2b helped to improve the airline's business processes, data analysis and reporting capabilities - from the classic DWH/reporting solutions to the new self-service BI capabilities. 

Problems with data? ask t2b. 

Our Senior consultant Alain Willimann successfully completed the complex transfer of an existing DataWarehouse from an old to a new core asset management system.

The project involved data migration, structural adaptations that needed deep business understanding of complex asset management products and of course data verification, new reports and analysis.

Congratulations to Alain - that was tough work well done! 

t2b and our sister company Yenlo will participate with workshop at the ch/open cloud day .


APIs are hot. If you working in IT, you cannot do without APIs. They are the only way to communicate data to partners and they are your only option to offer customers tailor-made services in real-time. All major companies like Google, Facebook but also insurances, museums and government agencies (like the geo.admin.ch) are using APIs to provide access to their systems and data. At this workshop, you will learn how to create and manage your own API with the Open Source WSO2 API Manager.

more details here...WSO2 API workshop

Our SAP AIF (Application Integration Framework) experts completed the project for a global logistcs supplier!

The company had started in 2014 migrating local SAP systems, from multiple offices around the world, into one, global SAP ECC solution. The main goal of this massive undertaking was to have global FI/CO system, where all operations would be posted on a close-to-online basis. Such a large in scale project leads to many challenges.

One of them was standardizing and reengineering the interfaces between SAP ECC and other systems.

with t2b's help , the customer decided that

  • SAP AIF add-on to SAP ECC should become a main point of monitoring of all interfaces involved,
  • Entire business logic behind the interfaces (e.g. DB lookups, business validations, value mapping tables etc.) should be moved to SAP AIF,
  • SAP PI should only handle connectivity, simple structural conversion and routing of the messages,
  • SAP PI mapping should be simplified to significantly decrease number of errors on that stage,
  • Where possible, direct connection between connecting systems can be introduced, skipping SAP PI as a mediator,
  • More advanced mappings should be done in SAP AIF, and hence errors on that stage should be handled in SAP AIF as well.

During the project also enhanced monitoring with BPO – Business Process Observer – was introduced. This increased the visibility of the data flows and allowed the team to add automated notification to business process responsible when 

Compared to the previous solution, the new architecture:

  • -        Clearly separates business logic/rules on the ERP side with AIF and technical connectivity into the SAP PI/PO middleware
  • -        Gives each business process responsible visibility of his dataflows via a graphical Dashboard
  • -        Gives back the control over the data to business, so that the users can fix data errors from partner systems themselves
  • -        Therefore, increases the speed with which (data) problems can be fixed while decreasing the workload on the IT support team – and related cost
  • -        Takes out the pressure of problem analysis and fixing from the overall organization

-> we believe that AIF is needed by every SAP customer to make the dataflows in and out of the SAP systems managable.

Yenlo Switzerland - Luzern Luzern, Basel und Schiphol-Rijk, Niederlande – Per 1. Januar 2017 startet das von Yenlo und t2b gemeinsam gehaltene Unternehmen mit Sitz in Luzern. Yenlo Switzerland bietet Dienstleistungen für Schweizer Kunden rund um die Open-Source Integrations-Plattform WSO2 an.

 Yenlo’s CEO Ruben van der Zwan: “Wir unterstützen bereits seit einigen Jahren Schweizer Kunden aus unseren Niederlassungen in Deutschland und den Niederlanden. Unser Servicegeschäft wächst stark und wir sind sehr glücklich, einen starken Schweizer Partner gefunden zu haben, der langjährige IT Architektur-, Integrations- und Management-Erfahrung mitbringt.»

t2b’s CEO Patrick Toenz: “t2b arbeitet seit 2001 mit vielen kommerziellen Integrationsprodukten. Auf der Suche nach pragmatischen Lösungen für unsere Kunden hatte ich meine Experten beauftragt, WSO2’s ESB, aber insbesondere auch die Funktionen API Management, Mobile/Internet der Dinge und Prozess-Intelligence zu analysieren. Die einhellige Begeisterung meines Teams für diese sehr schlanke, effiziente und kostengünstige Integrations-Plattform mit dem ausgezeichneten Support liessen mich erkennen, dass WSO2 andere Anbieter in praktisch allen Belangen weit hinter sich lässt. Deshalb habe ich Kontakt zu Yenlo aufgenommen.

Yenlo ist WSO2 Premier Partner und hat viel Implementierungserfahrung – wir freuen uns darauf, gemeinsam WSO2 in der Schweiz weiter zu verbreiten.»


Patrick Toenz von t2b wird auch Yenlo Switzerland leiten, die beiden Yenlo Gründer präsidieren den Verwaltungsrat. Das Joint-Venture kann auf aktuell 85 Integrations-Experten zurückgreifen und hat direkten Zugang zu den WSO2 Entwicklern in Sri Lanka.
Nun werden Schweizer Mitarbeiter mit Java-Erfahrung gesucht; zunächst in der Deutschschweiz, später auch in der Romandie.

Über Yenlo

Yenlo wurde 2007 als Integrations-Dienstleistungsunternehmen mit Fokus auf Open-Source und Java-basierten Middleware Lösungen gegründet. Yenlo ist WSO2 Premier Partner und erbringt weltweit Dienstleistungen rund um Integration. Dazu gehören Implementierung von Integrations-Plattformen, Software-Entwicklung, Schulung & Zertifizierungen, wie auch Entwickler-Support und Betrieb.

Yenlo entwickelt sich vom Hauptsitz in den Niederlanden in eine internationale Firma - nun auch in die Schweiz.

Über t2b

t2b wurde 2001 gegründet und ist eine unabhängige Beratungsfirma in den Bereichen IT/Enterprise Architektur, Integration und Informations-Management. Die 25 erfahrenen Experten unterstützen Kunden verschiedenster Branchen bei der Erarbeitung und der Umsetzung von Strategien in diesen IT Kernaufgaben.
t2b hat Büros in Basel und Bern und unterhält ein grosses Partner-Netzwerk in der Schweiz sowie in Portugal.

This year's EA Forum is covering the are of Business Process Management, and Monitoring.

Join us 9:00-17:00 at:

Sheraton Hotel 
Pfingstweidstrasse 100

8005 Zürich

(close to Hardbrücke)

Patrick Toenz will present "operational / process intelligence and monitoring - making cross-systems business processes visible and managable!"

cick here to register for this free event!


ist Informatik ein interessantes Studienfach? Was werde ich lernen und was kann ich damit anfangen?

Das haben sich die Teilnehmer der Informationstage gefragt und bekamen auch einen Einblick in die Praxis.

Siehe auch den Artikel hier: pdfPAT_UniZH.pdf

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Watch the event right from your desk!

Here's your chance to virtually participate in the premier event on rapid, agile data strategies right from your desk.

Listen to business leaders and technical experts who will discuss accelerating analytics, cloud, and big data projects. Watch demos, customer case studies, and implementation best practices.

View the complete agenda

In this FREE virtual conference boasting 22 sessions spread across 2 tracks, you will:

  • Hear about building modern data architectures, big data virtualization in the cloud, self-service BI, logical data warehouse, centralizing security, semantic data layer, real-time MDM, and much more.
  • Gain in-depth technical knowledge on governed data lakes, performance, IoT / streaming data, exploiting Spark, metadata search and exploration, data stewardship and governance.
  • Interact during the session – ask questions from experts and get them answered!

Best of all, you will experience the entire event through a highly interactive virtual platform - attend sessions, visit with exhibitors, download collateral, and interact with experts.


 October 20, 2016
8:30am to 5:00pm CEST


22 Sessions 30 Presenters, 1 Day

Need to give your users a tool to monitor their cross-application business processes?

That's what we did for one of our big multinational customers:

- Dashboard to visualize the end-2-end process, including the number of instances (orders) currently in process in each step

- highlight the instances risking to be late (orange); send alert mail half a day before getting late (red)

- drill down into the connected systems error logs to find out what is producing the problem

- add notes, link Remedy tickets created to that instance, so that colleagues can see that action is taken

- return status to "green" when all is resolved.



- less stress: the process managers that the can finally see their process & the status

- less work: status of a specific order and all linked information (from different systems) can be seen at a glance

- less problems: potentially late instances are detected BEFORE they are actually getting late

- higher customer satisfaction: as there a less/no problems


and as always with Axway Decision Insights: implementation was fast and cost effective!

-> ask Patrick Toenz for more details 

An Axway & T2B Event
 t2b logo

Axway & T2B Decision Insight Tech Lab
Experience the Value of Operational Intelligence Solutions As You Build Your Own Dashboards

This half-day workshop is an exciting hands-on exercise: business users and technical users will build their own Operational Intelligence solution based on Axway Decision Insight.

Join us and see for yourself how easy it can be to visualize your process information and status without coding. Through practical exercises delivered by our product experts, you will be able to design and "play" with your own process data on the training laptops.

Join us on Tuesday, September 13 in Zurich or Wednesday, September 14 in Basel.

Axway Decision Insight delivers:

  • Actionable information: Personalized technical and business information is delivered at the correct time and with the context required to take action.
  • Situational awareness: By analyzing and correlating data within a defined operational context, Decision Insight enables specific stakeholders to recognize a situation that requires attention.
  • Predictive insight: Based on past performance, Decision Insight assesses the risk of missing time-based objectives such as SLA and deadlines. Operational managers can use the assessments to accurately set new performance objectives and resource allocations.

Attention - NEW Dates were required as many collagues in Zürich take the Monday off (Knabenschiessen):


13:30 h: Welcome & Introduction
13:45 h: Demonstration and Q&A
14:15 - 17:30 h: Axway Decision Insight Tech Lab: Navigate around the product, create / modify the dashboards, KPIs, observation model, data collection.

You can chose from two scenarios:
Payment activity monitoring (Banking) or Order fulfilment monitoring (Supply Chain).


We delievered the Boomi Developers and Operators Guidelines to yet another multi-national customer.

You are using Dell Boomi? Make use of our experience from Small Business to Global Corporate Customers...

this very big,interesting project is about defining & implementing the correct combination all data management middleware tools in the Pharma Development Process accross all departments:

- ESB: Enterprise Service Bus

- DV: Data Virtualization Plattform

- APIs: API Management and Gateway

- MDM: Master Data Management

- ELT: Extract Load and Transform Tool

- BPM: Business Process Management

- OI: Operational Intelligence

in parallel the work on the Canonical Data Model is continued to foster common understanding and easy implementation of those data i& application integration technologies. Several t2b architects are already engaged in the very, very interesting venture!